Standard savings deposit

If you are able to save small amounts on a regular basis and you seek an account which does not bind you with terms and restrictions, we offer you the standard savings deposit!


  • Unrestricted withdrawing and depositing.
  • You can receive and send fund transfers both in Bulgaria  and abroad. 


Period: Unspecified

Currency: BGN, EUR, USD, GBP

Minimum opening balance - none

Minimum accrual threshold - 100 currency units

Depositing - No limit

Withdrawing - No limit as after the third withdrawal within a calendar month a fee of BGN 1 shall be charged.

Documents needed for account opening: Identity document. You can also open a savings deposit to another individual.


Interest rates:

BGN  0.05%
EUR 0.02%
USD 0.05%
GBP 0.01%

Interest rate accrual and payment: The interest shall be accrued daily and shall be paid at the end of each calendar year and/or upon closing the account. "

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