Privilege Account

In case you are a pensioner, seeking an account with no fees for opening, maintenance and closing, then you have this privilege!


Privilege account is the best solution for you for the following reasons:

  • no minimum opening balance;
  • no fees for opening, maintenance or closing; 
  • you obtain a debit card;
  • no withdrawal fee at UBB ATMs; 
  • you withdraw and deposit amounts in the account without losing the accumulated interest;
  • you receive interest every three months;
  • It is no longer necessary to queue for paying your electricity, central heating, cable TV, phone or water supply bills. We can do it on your behalf  if there are sufficient funds, available in your account and upon your declared consent for direct debit.


Period: Unspecified

Currency: BGN

Minimum opening balance: none

Minimum accrual threshold: none

Depositing: No limit

Withdrawing: BGN 1 – for withdrawal at a branch of the bank, regardless of the withdrawn amount

Documents needed for opening the account – Identity document and a certificate of retirement


Daily Account Balance  Interest rate
Up to BGN 500.000.05%
From BGN 500.01 up to BGN 1000.000.02%
Over BGN 1000.010.01%

Interest accrual and payment: Interest is paid at the end of each quarter and/or upon closing the account.

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+3592 483 1717
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