Comfort Account

For receiving your remuneration or for other regular proceeds in UBB we offer you a Comfort Account!


  • Access to your funds anytime through a wide network of ATMs, as well as through e-banking.
  • Opportunity for receiving preferential interest rates on credit products and overdrafts in case of regular proceeds in a Comfort Account.


Period: Unspecified

Currency: BGN

Minimum opening balance - none

Minimum accrual threshold - none

Depositing - No limit

Withdrawing: No limit

Additional condition: In case of monthly proceeds to the account less than BGN 100.00 over a period of 4 consecutive months, your Comfort Account will be accrued with an interest rate as a standard current account.

Documents needed for account opening: Identity document.


Daily Account Balance  Interest rate
Up to BGN 500.000.05%
From BGN 500.01 up to BGN 1000.000.02%
Over BGN 1000.010.01%

Interest accrual and payment: The interest will be accrued daily and paid at the end of each calendar year and/or upon closing the account.

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