Savings and Accounts


Activity Account
Upon actively using your account you will get a refund of the monthly fee!

Privilege Account
In case you are a pensioner, seeking an account with no fees for opening and closing, then you have this privilege!

Standard Current Account
If you need constant access to your savings and you have to execute payments both in this country and abroad, then the Standard Current Account is the solution for you.

Open deposit
Open Deposit allows you to withdraw and deposit amounts on any day of the month, without losing the accrued interest.


Available Funds Deposit
You will always have Available Funds at your disposal of guarateed profitability even in case of the deposit's early termination.

Standard time deposits
Our standard time deposits meet the requirements of all who need fixed profitability and seek variety of terms.

Online Deposits and Accounts

Online deposits and accounts
UBB AD has enabled one-click online opening of Available Funds time deposits, Activity current accounts, Open Deposits and Standard Current Accounts.