Activity Account

Upon actively using your account you will get a refund of the monthly fee!


ACTIVITY account is the best solution for you, because:

  • There is no account opening fee.
  • Monthly fee refund upon more than 10 debit transactions, accounted during the calendar month – outgoing fund transfers through e-banking, utility bills’ payment, withdrawals and payments via a debit card, issued to the account. 
  • You receive a debit card
  • There is an option for E-banking
  • You can pay your telephone, mobile phone, electricity, heating, cold water supply bills etc.
  • You can receive your salary, pension, remuneration or scholarship directly into your current account.
  • You can draw and deposit amounts anytime through a wide network of ATMs

UBB enables online account opening. (


Period: Unspecified

Currency: BGN, EUR, USD

Minimum opening balance – 100 currency units

Minimum accrual threshold - 100 currency units

Account opening fee: No fee

Monthly maintenance fee:

Depending on the number of transactions:                                                  

  • Upon performed up to 10 debit transactions per month - BGN 3.00                  
  • Upon performed over 10 debit transactions per month -  No fee

Depositing: No restrictions

Withdrawing: No restrictions

Additional bonus to the account:

  • Debit card
  • E-banking

Documents, needed for account opening: Identity document

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