UBB Balanced Fund

A Short Description

The main goal of "UBB Balanced Fund" is to provide unitholders preserve and increase the value of the shares of the fund through capital gains at a moderate level of risk by investing in a balanced portfolio of securities.

Recommended investment period: at least 3 years.

In the short term, the aim of the fund is to achieve a higher return on comparable alternative investments in lev at a moderate level of risk.

Type of fund:Balanced mutual fund
Investment focus:Bulgarian equities and bonds
Minimum investment100 leva
Currency:Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Depository bank:Eurobank Bulgaria JSC
Fees for investors
Issue feeno
Redemption fee before 12 month0.40% from NAV per 1unit
Redemption fee after 12 monthsno
Management fee2.25%

The good corporate governance is at the core of the strategy to achieve the expected return and build the confidence of investors.

The short-term objective of the mutual fund is to achieve higher return than the one achieved by investment in comparable alternative medium-risk investments in BGN. "UBB Asset Management" has provided a network of offices (desks) where investors may place orders for purchase and sale of units of "UBB Balanced Fund". These are the office of the Management Company and the branches of "United Bulgarian Bank" in the country.

Investment objectives

To achieve the main goal of "UBB Balanced Fund" there is an active approach in managing the securities portfolio and a suitable methodology for risk management, while respecting the following strategy: Looking for balance between fixed income instruments and equity securities, which implies less volatility in prices and profitability of the portfolio;

Investments in shares add volatility to the portfolio increased risk, respectively - the possibility of higher returns;

Through the distribution of assets (Asset Allocation) and regular balancing of portfolio diversification is achieved and combine the advantages of all securities available on the market;

Maximising returns and realization of the benefits of relative movement in the value of various financial assets and various regional capital markets;

Funds management through flexible policy risk minimization, limitation and prevention of possible losses (hedging).

The yield, which is expected to be realized in the management of the assets of "UBB Balanced Fund" is formed by revenues from price differences in the purchase and sale of securities from the portfolio of the company, received dividends and interest on debt securities, bank deposits and others.

"UBB Balanced Fund" can be performed term deals in the acquisition and sale of securities and contracts with repurchase (repos).

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