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EuroFuture is Life insurance, linked to an investment fund, with periodical installments, according to your financial capabilities. The programme is tailored to your needs and enables:

  • partial use of the accumulated funds;
  • depositing of additional funds in order to increase the accumulated amount;
  • insurance protection, securing additional financial aid upon unforeseen events.

What does Investment-insurance Savings Programme mean?

The programme is an optimal solution, securing funds for education, pension or personal savings. You determine yourself how much you would like to deposit as well as the installment amount. The programme encourages discipline for saving of funds through depositing small amounts on a regular basis and gives security upon hardship situations in life.

Where do you invest your money? EuroFuture provides an opportunity for investment in funds from the SIVEK family - some of the most successfully and sustainably performing KBC funds. They give the opportunity to allocate your funds, according to the expected return.

Additional options:

One-off bonus for loyal clients, active after the 5th year, which is at the expense of the Insurer

Premium Vacation - in case of need, you can activate this option after the second year. Upon its activation, you will have the opportunity to skip payment of your periodical premiums for a period of up to 6 months, one-off over the policy period.

Funds’ unit price movements

See Unit Prices of SIVEK Global Low, SIVEK Global Medium or SIVEK Global High funds here


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