Savings and Investment Products


Available Funds Deposit
You will always have Available Funds at your disposal of guarateed profitability even in case of the deposit's early termination.

Standard time deposits
Our standard time deposits meet the requirements of all who need fixed profitability and seek variety of terms.

Open deposit
Open Deposit allows you to withdraw and deposit amounts on any day of the month, without losing the accrued interest.

Mutual Funds

UBB Platinum Bond
"UBB Platinum Bond Fund” is a conservative fund investing primarily in corporate bonds, deposits, government securities and money market instruments.

UBB Platinum Euro Bond
UBB Platinum Euro Bond is a conservative mutual fund investing primarily in corporate bonds, deposits, government securities and money market instruments, but denominated in Euro.

UBB Balanced Fund
The main goal of "UBB Balanced Fund" is to provide unitholders preserve and increase the value of the shares of the fund through capital gains at a moderate level of risk by investing in a balanced portfolio of securities.

UBB Premium Equity
"UBB Premium Equity” fund is focused primarily in shares of Bulgarian companies listed on Bulgarian Stock Exchange, that have high growth potential, but also have changes in their prices in short-term period.

UBB Patrimonium Land
UBB Patrimonium Land Fund is a unique fund aimed at investing mainly in shares of Bulgarian companies investing in agricultural land as well as in global companies from the agrarian sector and the food industry in the world.

UBB Global Pharm Invest
The funds of UBB Global Farm Invest is a fund focused mainly on the shares of leading companies operating in the healthcare sector, mainly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical equipment segment.

UBB Global Child Fund
UBB Global Children Fund is the first of its kind to invest mainly in shares of companies whose activity is oriented towards the production of products and / or services related to the raising and care of children.

UBB Global Growth
UBB Global Growth Fund invests mainly in shares of leading and dynamically developing companies, which reinvest their profits in new projects. Expectations for performance and, above all, the growth potential of these companies are to exceed the average of the markets.

UBB Global Dividend
UBB Global Dividend Mutual Fund invests mainly in shares of well-established, stable companies that regularly pay dividends to its shareholders, as well as the opportunity to realize capital gains.

Investments For Everyone

Systematic Investment Plan - SIP
The program includes savings plans whereby savers can earn a minimum amount of money to make a dream trip, purchase, provide children's education, or provide additional help after retirement age and with a variety of other goals.

Investments With Insurance Products

EuroFuture is Life insurance, linked to an investment fund, with periodical installments, according to your financial capabilities.