DZI Best Doctors Insurance Program

With DZI Best Doctors health insurance for second medical opinion and treatment abroad you can be sure that you will receive the best treatment!

Main info

What is DZI Best Doctors?

With DZI Best Doctors health insurance for second medical opinion and treatment abroad you can be sure that you will receive the best treatment!

In case of particularly severe illness, there is nothing more important than receiving the right treatment from the best specialists in the world*!

The insurance includes:

• Consultation – second medical opinion on your diagnosis in order to select the optimal treatment

• Find the best treatment – organizing and providing you with treatment abroad, incl. making the necessary arrangements for a person who accompanies you

What is Best Doctors?

• A medical organization founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School professors

• About 30 million clients in more than 30 countries

• Best Doctors has a global database of 50 000 doctors recommended as the best ones in their fields by other doctors and more than 430 fields of specialization


Why choose DZI Best Doctors?

With DZI Best Doctors, you can:
• Rest assured that your diagnosis is correct
• Be sure that the most effective treatment will be selected
• Be confident that you will be treated by the best specialists in the respective field
• Be strong enough to move on with your life

Which services are included in the policy?

• Second medical opinion from one of the best specialists in the world in the specified fields and an individual treatment plan;
• Recommendation for 3 leading healthcare establishments and medical specialists for treatment of your illness;
• Up to EUR 1 000 000 per annum for treatment, travel and accommodation, including:
- Organizing the travel for you and one person who accompanies you
- Meeting and accommodation
- Hospitalization and treatment
- Translation and explanation of medical documents
- Daily allowance for hospitalization – EUR 100 per day for the entire period of hospitalization
EUR 2 000 000 total limit for the entire term of the insurance;
• Amounts for purchase of medicines for continuation of the treatment – EUR 50 000;
• Continuous consultation and assistance

Who may conclude the insurance?
Healthy persons aged from 18 to 64 are eligible for the insurance.
Persons who answer “NO” to all questions in the health declaration are eligible for the insurance.
The insurance may be concluded at each branch of UBB

Main risks covered

Which illnesses are covered?

1. Illnesses and procedures covered:
 • Treatment of cancer
• Bypass of the coronary artery (myocardial revascularization)
• Replacement or reconstruction of a cardiac valve
• Intracranial surgery and specific surgery of the spinal cord
• Transplantation of organs from living donors
• Transplantation of bone marrow

2. Territorial coverage:
All countries with the exception of Bulgaria

In case of an insured event

In case of receiving unfavorable diagnosis, you may contact directly the 24/7 Contact Center of DZI at national phone number 0700 16 166.

Qualified doctors at DZI will advise you, will open a file for your case and will forward the information to Best Doctors.

Representatives of Best Doctors will contact you in Bulgarian and will explain to you the next steps.

All travel and accommodation arrangements for the period of treatment will be made by Best Doctors.

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