Standard Package

Standard Package is your universal solution for daily banking and personal funds’ management


Standard Package ensures:

  • Autonomy and ease in daily banking
  • One monthly fee/minimal costs
  • SMS/e-mail notification option
  • Access to recent information via e-banking
  • Option for adding products and services upon special terms


Standard Package is your choice of:

A current account in Bulgarian leva (BGN):

  • No fees for opening, monthly maintenance and closing

Contactless debit card: A higher class card, covering all innovative contactless and standard means of payment, as well as cash withdrawal options. It can be used for booking hotels, renting cars, buying airplane tickets and other transactions, so far accessible through credit cards only.

  • No fee for the debit card issuing;
  • No fee for cash withdrawal at any ATM in Bulgaria;
  • No fee for payments at POS of banks in Bulgaria and abroad.

E-banking: This service enables the effecting of fast and convenient transactions, obtaining bank account and card statements, paying taxes, utility bills etc.

  • No fee for registration and use;
  • No fee for outgoing fund transfers in BGN within UBB, effected via e-banking from the current account, linked to the package;
  • No fee for two outgoing interbank credit transfers in BGN per month, effected via e-banking from the current account, linked to the package, with the exception of fund transfers, ordered for execution through RINGS

Utility bills’ payment: The easiest and cheapest manner of paying your monthly bills for electricity, water, central heating, telephone, cable and digital television, Internet etc., without visiting a branch of the Bank or a cash desk of the respective company.

  • No monthly maintenance fee, nor fee per payment.
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