Open loan

New-generation loans, launched for the first time on the Bulgarian market by United Bulgarian Bank. A flexible loan, offering customer-friendly conditions, tailored to your means.


We offer to all our present and future OK Loan clients a special promotional interest rate of 6.9% for all transactions, performed over the period 06.07.2017 – 05.10.2017. The promotional interest rate will be valid until 5 December 2017 while for the new ones – over the first three months of their loan agreement.

Product parameters

  • Interest rate – fixed interest rate of 6.9% over the first 3 months*
  • Interest rate conditions Over the remainig period - based on a client's profile;Information is available at any UBB branch  
  • Application fee – BGN 0
  • Credit Assessment Fee – as per the valid Tariff
  • Maintenance Fee after the first year – BGN 30.
  • Loan Amount ranges from BGN 1 000 up to BGN 10 000

Example of Annual Percentage Rate(APR) for a new Open loan: Upon a revolving credit line of BGN 5 000 over a 12-month term – APR of 19.05% under the following conditions: fixed promotional interest rate of 6.90% over the first 3 months and variable interest rate of 14.860% over the remaining loan period (Reference Interest Rate (RIR) – 6-month SOFIBOR + fixed margin), with included Application Fee of BGN 0.00, Credit Assessment Fee of BGN 70.00. Total amount due – BGN 5 481.54

Additional features

How do you get your Open Loan money?

In a special card, accompanying the loan and enabling you to draw the whole or a portion of your approved amount from each UBB ATM in this country or through a POS device at a branch of the Bank.

Loan repayment

  • Select the most convenient for your manner of repayment, subsequently changeable any time
  • Automatically from an account (account in BGN opened with UBB)
  • Via an account transfer through e-banking (through an explicit payment order from an account with UBB)
  • Via the Customer Service Center – by calling either 0700 117 17 or *7171
  • Via cash installments at some UBB ATMs
  • The minimum amount to be repaid equals 1,5% of the drawn down amount, but no less that BGN 30 monthly
  • Immediately after repaying a portion of the utilized loan limit, this amount will be again at your disposal
  • Repayment via funds transfer or installment through another Bank is not applicable.

Deadline for repayment of liabilities

  • Monthly repayment, 14 days after the account statement date

Manner of receiving account statements

  • Free-of-charge and easy access to the monthly statements via the new e-gateway, UPAY, at Internet address  and at any UBB branch (free-of-charge upon request)
  • Summary account statement at any UBB ATM during the Bank’s business hours
  • At an address, specified by the client, against payment
  • Over the phone – by calling either 0700 117 17 or *7171"
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