Construction and completion mortgage loan

Now, with the UBB Construction and Completion Mortgage Loan you have the chance to receive up to 100% financing for the making of your new home.


Promotional offer for applications, submitted till 31.12.2017 - Free of charge property insurance for the loan tenor and legal opinion at no fee.


UBB offers you a mortgage loan with:

  • 3.950% variable interest rate in BGN with payroll or regular proceeds in a “Comfort” account 
  • No application fee
  • Maximum loan amount: EUR 250 000 / BGN 500 000 
  • Preliminary approval within 1 day
  • Long repayment period: up to 35 years

Product parameters

With this loan you may finance: 

  • home construction;
  • home completion works;

Collateral: Mortgage on real property 

Funding Scheme:

Upon obtaining construction permit and architectural designs’ approval
Up to 40 % of the approved loan amount
Upon reaching shell-and-core construction stage / Shell-and–Core Certification under Art. 181/Up to 80 % of the approved loan amount
Upon obtaining Provisional Acceptance Certificate (Form 15)Up to 100 % of the approved loan amount


  • Prepayment Fee - 1% until the 12th monthly installment
  • Property appraisal fee – BGN 102 (per apartment )
  • Fee for preparing a legal opinion and representation of the bank upon establishing a mortgage  – free of charge promotional offer till 31.12.2017.
  • Credit assessment fee – BGN 100. 
  • Loan account maintenance fee – BGN 2.50 monthly
  • Mortgage release fee - BGN 60

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 4.11% with a loan of BGN 80 000 (EUR 40 000) for a period of 30 years and 3.950% variable interest rate with payroll transfer or regular proceeds to a Comfort account: 360 monthly installments on the loan in the amount of BGN 379.63 (EUR 189.81); total due amount of BGN 137 828.59 (EUR 68 929.72). Conclusion of Property Insurance policy is required, as the related expenses are not included in the APR.


Description of the Methodology for determining a Reference Interest Rate (RIR), used by United Bulgarian Bank AD for determining the variable interest rate on loans to natural persons is avalable here.


UBB offers you "Home and Family Potection" insurance program with comprehensive "Property and Life" insurance coverage, further information about which is available here

Needed documents for applying

Main documents, needed upon applying for a mortgage loan:

 Document TypeIssuing institution

For obtaining preliminary approval

Mortgage loan application formUBB AD
Copy of the Borrower/ Co-debtor’s ID card---------
Certificate of Income, concerning the income amount and the employment contract period of the Borrower and his/her spouse Issued by the Employer according to a sample form of the Bank
Depending on the income source: Annual Tax Return for natural persons, independent employment contracts and Statements of Honoraria (Received Income), Rental Agreements etc.----------

For ascertaining marital status and presence/ absence of liabilities  

Certificate of marital statusIssued by the municipality’s Civil Registration Office, according to the permanent address (permanent residence)
Certificate of tax liabilities under Art.87, para.6 of the Tax Insurance Procedure Code.Issued by the local office of the National Revenue Agency, as per the mortgagors’ permanent address

Documents of the real estate, standing  collateral under the loan

Documents, certifying the real estate’s ownership: Title Deed, Purchase-Sale Agreement or Construction Right Agreement, signed with the State or Municipal Authorities----------
Certificate of encumbrances on the real estates over a minimum period of 10 years prior to submitting the loan applicationIssued by the Registry Agency Office
Tax valuation certificate for the real estateIssued by the Municipality, according to the real estate’s location 

Real estate layout

Regarding areas with approved cadastral map- real estate layout, building design/ design of an independent unit in a building
Issued by the local technical office of the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency
When the offered collateral is not completed and has not been put into operation: Land ownership documents or such certifying established construction right, Construction Permit, approved architectural designs, surface calculation table, Statement under Art.181, Para.2 of the Spatial Development Act, certifying reached shell-and-core construction stageIssued by the respective municipal or regional administration 

Documents, pertaining to the specific purpose of the loan

Detailed budget estimations and an Agreement for Construction and Assembly Works (if any) /concerning loans for construction, repair works and furnishing/----------

By judgement of the Bank and depending on the content of provided documents additional documents, relating to the borrower and the collateral may be requested.

Important issues that may come up in the selection of a mortgage loan

  • What is the amount that you may set aside for a monthly installment under the loan depending on the amount of your monthly income?
  • What could be the maximum tenor of your mortgage loan?
  • What could be the amount of your monthly installment?
  • What would be the prepayment fee in case you decide to repay your loan ahead of schedule?
  • What are all fees accompanying loan granting?
  • What are the necessary documents that you must submit?
  • How long would the approval procedure take? 
  • Does the type of collateral matter (brick / panel, village house, vacation property or a land plot) for determining the percentage of financing?
  • What is the interest rate type – is it a variable interest rate or the loan covers also a period with a fixed interest rate?

What is the mortgage loan amount that you can afford?

Prior to start looking for a real property that you plan to purchase with a loan it is important to know the amount of the loan that you might have at your disposal during purchase.

The two basic ratios, applied by banks upon determining loan amount, are the following: 

  • Debt to income ratio:
    Serves for calculating the maximum loan amount that you may repay, based on your monthly income and your costs under existing loans (in percentage).   
    Example: Net monthly income: BGN 1 000* 40% debt-income ratio = BGN 400 monthly obligations under credit product-related installments
  • Maximum loan-to-value ratio:
    Serves for calculating the maximum amount of the loan that you may obtain against the value of loan collateral. The maximum loan to value ratio differs depending on the loan purpose.
    Example: Market value of collateral: BGN 100 000 * 80% max. % of financing =
    BGN 80 000 maximum loan amount, depending on collateral. 

Our UBanker Programme

To us financing your new home is much more than a matter of interests and principal. So, we have introduced UBanker, our newest programme - to facilitate your applying for a mortgage loan of your choice. If you wish, a Bank’s official, acting as your personal UBanker, will be right there to help you at this major milestone – a new home purchase. Our professional consultation, delivered personally to you at a place and time that suits you best, is a tool for making the perfect decision.


How is your UBanker going to help? By creating for you a stable financial pillar of your new home and assisting you to:

  • Structure together your family planning and future;
  • Determine the financing you need;
  • Design the individual plan for financing your real property;
  • Guide you through the whole lending procedure, while standing by your side.


How can you meet your UBB UBanker:

  • By calling:

For Sofia city:

Ms. Mihaela Darakchieva +359 2 8112466; +359 884301591.

Ms. Boyka Ivanova +359 2 8112467; +359 884101124.

Mr. Georgi Kanaykov +359 2 8112468; +359 885656977.


For Varna town:

Ms. Violeta Ivanova +359 52 688961; +359 988929291.  

  • By e-mailing:


The UBanker service is offered for free in Sofia city and Varna town. The entire information, as well as all documents, delivered by you in your communication with the UBanker, remains strictly confidential.

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