Flying Start - Soaring Career Traineeship Programme

Sevastiyan Vassilev
Sevastiyan Vassilev

Appointed at Corporate and Marketing Communications Directorate

My internship at the directorate started in the spring of 2017. From the very beginning I was impressed not only by the level of professionalism, but also by the nature of the everyday tasks, faced by the team – preparing communication campaigns, supporting the development of corporate culture, maintaining of useful and targeted internal communication with the staff of all companies within the Group, building a strong brand identity with all communication tools available. My internship lasted half a year, during which I was involved in tasks, relating to both corporate, as well as marketing communications.This gave me the chance to touch upon the essence of the communication mix, handled by a large group, such as KBC in Bulgaria. When my internship ended, I received a job offer for the Corporate Communications Expert position at the same directorate.

You are an ambitious student or a university graduate, willing to discover the dynamic atmosphere of banking.You can become a trainee with us at different structural units in the Bank's Head Office, as well as in our branches throughout Bulgaria.

More about the traineeship programme

Advantages of UBB Annual Traineeship Programme

  • Being part of a team of professionals.
  • Watching closely best modern practices in banking.
  • Acquiring valuable practical skills and knowledge.

Requirements to Traineeship Applicants

  • 3/ 4-year university student, in a field of study, related to banking
  • English language proficiency
  • Excellent PC skills
  • Motivated team player.

UBB traineeship can be tailored to your convenience and preferences, however, its duration should be no less than 30 calendar days.

Each trainee may choose a training programme of a longer duration, as well as a more flexible form. Traineeship is not bound by remuneration. UBB traineeship programme is a year-round one.

How to apply?

You can apply for a traineeship at UBB by filling in the online application form with information about your background, interests and academic record.

Structural Units, Available for Traineeship

  • UBB Branch, Business Center
  • Large Corporate Clients
  • Small and Medium Enterprises and Specialized Programs
  • Products and Segments: Retail Banking
  • Retail Banking Sales
  • Investment Banking
  • Treasury
  • Problem Loans
  • Card Center
  • FX Transfers
  • Market Risk and Capital Planning
  • Risk Modeling
  • Operational Risk
  • Human Resources Management
  • Legal Services
  • Property Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Public Relations and Sponsorship
  • Translation and Interpretation Activities
  • Administrative Services and Archiving

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