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UBB Trade Club

UBB Trade club has been developed by United Bulgarian Bank together with KBC Bank Belgium and a number of partner banks, which are members of Trade club Alliance. Main purpose of the Alliance is to support the international business activities of corporate customers of the banks in the Alliance, united in one online platform.

UBB Trade Club is a modern, internet-based platform, comprising of a module for identifying and contacting potential trade counterparties, and a module, providing useful market and trade information per country and region.

The UBB Trade Club membership is open to business customers of UBB - SMEs, corporate and international companies meeting certain criteria like international business profile, required minimum annual turnover, etc. More than 19 partner banks in the Alliance guarantee for the reliability of their clients, registered in the platform.

The banks and bank groups, which are currently, part of the Trade Club Alliance:

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With UBB Trade Club your business knows no borders!

UBB Trade Club platform is accessible on

Steps for creating of company profile and business card in UBB Trade Club

For more details and a potential registration, please contact your company’s relationship manager at UBB

UBB Trade club figures and facts

The global network of companies in the Trade Club is constantly growing and currently has more than 19,000 active companies from 47 countries from all over the world. A community covering main international trade corridors, with a diverse portfolio of companies in different segments and a large variety of industry sectors are registered in the platform.

Member profile of the registered companies in the platform:

Industry / Sector

Annual Turnover

Value Proposition

22% Proffesional Services

25% less than 2M €

26% Manufactures

20% Agro Industry

23% 2-5 M€

18% Exporters

13% Machinery

16% 5-10 M€

19% Service Provider

10% Minerals and Metals

22% 10-50 M€

12% Distributor

8% Automotive

6% 50-100 M€

10% Importer

7% Chemistry

2% 100-150 M€

11% Trader

6% Textile

2% 150-250 M€

3% Wholesale

 5% Plastic

4% >250 M€

1% Agent

UBB Trade Club contains a global digital data with more than 24 000 pages with relevant commercial information (import-export figures, customs and state regulations, country and sector information, market statistics and logistical data).


1. What is UBB Trade Club?

UBB Trade Club is part of the Trade club Alliance. It was created in 2015 with the idea of Banco Santander to give the opportunity for contacts between trusted business clients of the world’s largest banks. UBB Trade Club is an innovative online platform for identifying and contacting potential trade counterparties.

2. What kind of benefits you will get for being member of the community?

The Platform offers you valuable presentations to potential business partners abroad. The platform-matching algorithm and the Community Manager offer to your company business opportunities tailored to your business interests. Thus, you can get in touch directly with more than 18,000 worldwide business counterparties also interested in growing their businesses abroad. Moreover, foreign entrepreneurs open to doing international business can contact you.

UBB Trade club contains global digital data with more than 24 000 pages with relevant commercial information (import-export figures, state and customs regulations and country and sector information, market statistics and logistical data).

3. Do I have to pay to use the services of UBB Trade club?

No, UBB offers to its business customers free access to all the UBB Trade Club resources.

4. How can I become a member of UBB Trade club?

UBB Trade Club is opened to every UBB business customer (SMEs, corporate and international companies) with interests towards foreign markets who meets certain criteria (annual turnover, credit ratings or possible negative signals). For more details and a potential registration, please contact your company’s relationship manager at UBB.

5. What is the main language on the platform?

The platform’s users are spread all over the world and for that reason the main language on the platform is English. We therefore recommend you to complete the text fields in your Business Card in English. This will increase your chances of being found and contacted by other entrepreneurs. Also, compose your first messages to foreign entrepreneurs in English, or in their respective native language. Your Community Manager speaks English.

6. How to be sure that I receive offers for best matches and that other member of the platform easily will find me?

Your success on the platform begins with completing your Business Card with as much as possible information. This allows both the Community Manager and our matchmaking algorithm to propose you the most relevant suggestions to find new commercial partners.

You can find detailed information about the steps for recording of a company profile and a business card in UBB Trade club here.

7. How reliable are the business partners I meet on the platform?

The companies, registered in the UBB Trade Club are clients of renowned international active banks. However, we recommend you always to do prior research on your counterpart companies to guarantee the safety of your transactions. UBB shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of goods, property, profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses.

For more information about UBB Trade Club, you can write here.