SMEi Business Loans

UBB SMEi transactions benefit from support from the European Union pursuant to the Operational Programme SME Initiative 2014-2020, with funding by the European Union under the ERDF and Horizon 2020 and by the European Investment Fund and the European Investment Bank

UBB SMEi Products

Loan Products under the Small and Medium Enterprises Initiative (SMEi)

Loan Type

SMEi Investment Loan

SMEi Working Capital Loan

SMEi Credit Line


Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises*, registered and operating in the Republic of Bulgaria


Bulgarian leva (BGN) or (EUR)


Min. EUR 50 000 (or the equivalence in BGN)

Max. EUR 5 million (or the equivalence in BGN)

Interest Rate

The interest rate is preferential and is calculated on the basis of SOFIBOR or EURIBOR, plus a margin in accordance with the risk assessment


No application fee

Administration fee – 50% of the fee pursuant to the Bank’s effective tariff


Min. 24 months

Max. 144 months

Min. 24 months

Max. 48 months

Grace Period

Up to 24 months

Up to 6 months




With the proceeds in the client’s account


All collaterals, permitted by law (mortgage, pledge of long-term tangible assets or current tangible assets, assets, newly acquired with the loan funds, etc.)


The programme guarantee, provided by the European Investment Fund (EIF) under the SME Initiative

Fee for obtaining a programme-related guarantee

No fee


* Micro, small and medium-sized are those enterprises, having annual income from sales less than BGN 97.5 million and employing less than 250 people. Eligible enterprises should not perform core activity or operate in the following sectors: primary processing of agricultural products, fisheries and aquaculture, coal mining, real estate operations, gambling activities, manufacture of weapons and ammunition, production and trade in alcohol and tobacco products, nuclear power production, etc. There may be additional restrictions with regard to the applicants’ eligibility or the loan purposes. For more information, please contact UBB branches.

** All other fees are pursuant to UBB’s effective Fees and Commissions Tariff for Business Clients.

Enterprises with annual sales income up to BGN 1 million may embrace the special offers, published in Microbusiness Clients Section.

About SMEi

SMEi (Small and Medium Enterprises Initiative) is a joint programme of the European Commission (EC) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) relating to financial instruments for small and medium-sized enterprises within the 2014-2020 programming period, having as main objective the fast enhancement of EU-wide SME lending.

This initiative is managed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) and is being implemented in Bulgaria through the Operational Programme Small and Medium Enterprises Initiative 2014-2020 (OP SMEI) to the Ministry of Economy. 

United Bulgarian Bank is first among financial institutions that are going to grant business loans with guarantees from the European Investment Fund (EIF) under Operational Programme Small and Medium Enterprises Initiative. Through the agreement, signed between UBB and EIF, the Fund will guarantee the loans, granted by the Bank, in the amount of nearly BGN 130 million.


This agreement is a logical continuation of our efforts in support of the small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria. The experience we have gained so far gives us grounds to believe that such Programmes will further evolve into desired and successful prerequisites for the development of this important segment of the Bulgarian economy, that is, the foundation of every economy in the world.”

Stilian Vatev, UBB’s Chief Executive Officer

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