Cash Management Account

General Info

Cash Management Account is an overnight deposit in BGN and foreign currency.
This is a deposit with periodicity starting from the present business day end till 09:00 h. on the next business day.


  • At no extra cost, you receive all the advantages of a current account with the most convenient management of your cashflows and liquidity needs
  • You receive higher yield, compared to interest on current accounts
  • Automated proccessing

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Balance: 100 000 currency units in BGN, EUR or USD

Interest rate, tied up to a market index, reflecting the levels of overnight deposits on the local and international markets:

  • The relevant index for deposits in BGN is SOFIBOR;
  • The relevant index for deposits in EUR is EONIA ;
  • The relevant index for deposits in USD is Fed Funds ;

For further information and standard overnight deposits: Bilyana Krasteva phone +359 2 811 2439, Kalina Mays phone +359 2 811 2442 and Vasil Stefanov  phone +359 2 811 2440

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For more information call us at +359 2 8112442, +359 2 8112439, +359 2 8112445 and +359 2 8112440 or contact us at,,

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