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Bank in an easy and modern way with an account for teenagers


Future belongs to its today’s investors. A student loan from UBB


We offer you:

  • Online receipt and transfer of money
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Use of a debit card for contactless payments
  • Add the card to the Google Pay for mobile app
  • Access to Bright Club and discounts at the coolest venues

Bank in an easy and modern way with a Teenager Account

  • Fast and easy access to your funds for daily subsistence, scholarships, remuneration, if aged between 14 and 18 years.
  • No monthly fee for the Teenager Account
  • Option to choose from two designs of a debit card, issued to the account and that of an attractive accessory for contactless payment
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What you get with FULL ACCESS 18-25

Youth and Students package:

Current account in BGN

Attractive accessory for contactless payments

Contactless debit card MASTERCARD® from UBB with selection between two designs:

  • No fee for card issuance
  • No fee for cash withdrawal at ATMs of UBB
  • No fee for payments via POS terminals of banks in Bulgaria and abroad

Advantages for you:

  • Freedom in your daily banking
  • You optimize your costs for banking products and services
  • Access to up-to-date information with the mobile banking app UBB Mobile
  • Innovative payment methods with bank cards
  • With UBB Mobile your Mastercard is in your phone to pay easily with Google Pay
  • Access to discounts, preferences and special offers

UBB MOBILE - fast and convenient mobile banking:

  • No fee for registration and use
  • Login and payments by fingerprint or PIN
  • Access to all useful banking services
  • Through the services you can quickly and easily perform transactions, inquire about bank accounts and cards, pay utility bills, tuition fees, rentals, etc.
  • Easily add the card to Google Pay using the Add to Gpay button
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* The Youth and Students package can be used by clients, aged from 18 to 25 years, inclusive. Use - monthly - BGN 1.00. More information about the package conditions is available in the bank's Tariff for individuals.

What you get with Full Access 14-18

  • Fast and easy access to your funds for daily subsistence, scholarships, remuneration and others in an account, opened in your name
  • Building of good financial awareness
  • Independence and responsibility
  • Available funds anytime, anywhere
  • No account opening fee, no monthly maintenance fee
  • Main debit card of the Debit Mastercard brand, issued to the account for cardholders aged 14-18
  • Fast and easy contactless payment of daily purchases
  • Cash withdrawal at ATMs
  • Account balance inquiry at ATMs
  • Preferential fee for withdrawal at ATMs of other banks in Bulgaria in the amount of BGN 0.30. (only for main debit cards of the Debit Mastercard brand, issued to an account in the child’s name)
  • Option to choose the debit card design
  • Debit card of the Mastercard Teens brand for cardholders aged from 14 to 18 can also be issued as an additional card to a parent’s account
  • Attractive accessory for contactless payment with also two designs to choose from
  • Discounts at commercial locations, included in the UWIN program
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* No fee shall be collected for opening and current accounts monthly мaintenance fee for a main contactless debit card of the Debit Mastercard brand for children/adolescents (aged from 14 up to 18 years). Upon reaching the age of 18, the account is transformed under standard conditions in the year following the coming of age. More information in the bank's Tariff for individuals.

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Utility bill payments:

  • Pay with ease and convenience your monthly bills for electricity, water supply, heating, phone, cable and digital TV, Internet, etc., without visiting a branch of the bank or a cash desk of the respective company.

Access to Bright Club:

  • Youth loyalty program of Mastercard® Bright Club by Mastercard® is a part of the Full Access (age 18-25) package. With this loyalty program you have access to attractive discounts, preferential pricing and special offers in over 100 preferred commercial sites in Bulgaria - clubs, cafes, shops, online sites, etc. For more info get the app from Google Play, App Store or

Additional Account in Euro:

  • Additional Current Account in Euro a part of the Full Access (age 18-25). No fee for opening and monthly maintenance of a current account in EUR, linked to a package Youngsters and students.
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