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JEREMIE TRADE FINANCE-COVID 19 is a guarantee program of the European Investment Fund for UBB business clients. The program partially secures the bank guarantees, letters of credit, general limits for working capital and issuance of bank guarantees and / or letters of credit, working capital loans, including overdrafts, provided by the bank.


  • Free-of-charge guarantee
  • Alleviated collateral requirements
  • Preferential interest rates
  • Larger opportunities for financing
  • Option to include newly-approved loans, signed until 31.03.2023.
  • Long-term experience of UBB in handling EU programmes

Terms and Conditions

  • Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as per the SME Act
  • Small midcaps with staff number up to 499 employees
  • Working capital loans – term loans, credit lines, overdrafts
  • Bank Guarantees and L/Cs
  • Total limits
Maximum amount*
  • Up to EUR 3 000 000 for SME
  • Up to EUR 1 875 000 for small midcaps
Currency BGN/ EUR/ USD
Guarantee Coverage No fee
Inadmissible loans
  • Refinancing of over 30% of the transaction amount
  • Loans, guaranteed with another instrument of the EIF
  • Financing of European projects
  • Financing of transactions in the sectors, forbidden as per Commission Regulation (EC) № 1407/2013 dated 18 December 2013
Repayment term From 12 up to 60 months, however not later than 30.11.2025
Collateral-related requirements Not more than 50% of the loan at the collateral’s discounted value (excluding the JEREMIE TF guarantee)

*The maximum transaction amount with a JEREMIE TF guarantee is indicative, on condition that the grant equivalence of the anticipated and already received de minimis aid, including that under the present loan DOES NOT exceed EUR 200 000 per borrower and its related parties.

The transaction(s) benefit(s) from support from the Documentary Finance Guarantee Facility, implemented by the European Investment Fund and funded by the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Bulgaria within the framework of Programme “Recovery” with national funds, received as reflows from JEREMIE Initiative operations.



Required Documents

  • Decision of the company’s competent body for obtaining a loan and providing collateral for it
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement and a Tax Return for the last 2 years
  • Collateral ownership documents - copies of the ID cards of the company’s representative - borrower/co-debtor/pledgors/mortgagors
  • Certificate for availability /lack of arrears, issued by the revenue authority as per Art 87, Para 6 of the Tax Insurance Procedure Code
  • Declaration of relatedness with other entities as per sample format

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InnovFin business loans are preferential financing for innovative micro, small and medium-sized companies (up to 499 employees) through a guarantee scheme.

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UBB offers loans under alleviated collateral conditions thanks to the COSME guarantee instrument - European Programme for Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.