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UBB Trade Club

UBB Trade Club

UBB Trade Club is a web-based platform, created by UBB, jointly with KBC Bank Belgium. The aim is involvement in the global initiative of the Trade Club Alliance banks in order to boost the international business of their reliable clients through connecting them into one online network.


The Platform offers you:

  • A module for searching and connecting with potential trade partners
  • A module for access to useful market and commercial info by countries and regions.

The club is open for membership to companies, clients of UBB – small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate and international companies, covering certain criteria.


More than 19 partner banks in the Alliance guarantee the reliability of their clients, included in the platform. Banks and banking groups, presently members of Trade Club Alliance, are:



See the video presentation of the Platform.


Facts and Numbers

The global network of companies in the Trade Club is constantly growing and at the moment they number more than 19 000 companies from 47 countries worldwide. They have versatile portfolios and presence on the main international trade corridors on a global scale.


The companies, presented in the platform are profiled, as follows:


Sector / Industry Annual Turnover Profile
22% Professional Services 25% with up to EUR 2 million 26% Manufacturers
20% Agriculture 23% with EUR 2-5 million 18% Exporters
13% Machine-building 16% with EUR 5-10 million 19% Service Providers
10% Extraction and processing of metals and minerals 22% with EUR 10-50 million 12% Distributors
8% Automotive industry 6% with EUR 50-100 million 10% Importers
7% Chemical Industry 2% with EUR 100-150 million 11% Merchants
6% Textile Industry 2% with EUR 150-250 million 3% Wholesale Traders
5% Manufacturing of Plastics 4% with over EUR 250 million 1% Agents


UBB Trade Club also offers a vast database of over 24 000 pages with commercial information about the respective countries (data about import/export, customs and government regulations, sectoral information, market statistics and logistic data).


UBB Trade Club Platform is accessible at


For additional info and registration you may refer to the UBB contact official, servicing your company.

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