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Bank Guarantees Limit for micro companies

Bank Guarantees Limit for micro companies

We are taking on a loan commitment for issuance of bank guarantees upon your instruction, in favour of a counterparty of yours.


  • Issuance of one or more bank guarantees within the approved limit and period, without a re-assessment
  • Long period
  • Option for financing without collateral
  • Price discounts upon utilization of other services


Loan Purpose To secure an unconditional commitment on the part of the Bank under bank guarantees issued by it upon your instruction, in favour of your supplier or client, state or municipal institution, or another bank


For COSME, COSME COVID guarantee - BGN and EUR

Minimum amount BGN 1 000/ EUR 1 000 /USD 1 000
Maximum amount with COSME guarantee BGN 150 000
Maximum amount with collateral BGN 500 000
Limit period
  • Up to 60 months
Guarantee validity period Up to 27 months
Collateral Types
  • Guarantee under the COSME, COSME COVID Programme*
  • Mortgage on a real estate
  • Cash funds

As per the Fees and Commissions’ Tariff for Business Clients

 *This guarantee has been provided by COSME and the European fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), established by virtue of the Investment Plan for Europe. The aim of EFSI is to support the financing and the applying of productive investments in the European Union, as well as to ensure the growth of access to financing.

Required Documents

  • Loan Application and Declaration of Relatedness with other entities as per a sample format of the Bank
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement and a Tax Return of the applicant for the last 2 years
  • Current financial statements
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, report on the average staff number for the last year of the related parties as per the SME Act (in case of COSME guarantee)
  • Copies of the ID cards of the company’s representative - borrower/co-debtor/pledgors/mortgagors;
  • Decision of competent authority of the borrower, company co-borrower / collateral owner to conclude the loan agreement
  • Document, ascertaining the collaterals’ ownership

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